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awx ansible on rhel

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As you probably read we did opensource ansible tower . This was a big and necessary step to follow the red hat way of being truly opensource. Thanks to Jeff Geerling we also have a role┬áto install awx. To install AWX on RHEL (remember this is not supported by GSS) you need to… Read More »awx ansible on rhel

How CloudForms Performs OpenScap Image Scans

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In May 2015 banyan published that they found over 30% of Official Images in Docker Hub Contain High Priority Security Vulnerabilities. In August 2015, FlawCheck surveyed enterprises asking which piece of the security equation was their top concern about running containers in production environments. At 42%, Vulnerabilities & Malware in container workloads was the top… Read More »How CloudForms Performs OpenScap Image Scans