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CloudForms in AWS part 3

This will be the last part of the blog series but probably the most interesting one. When you launch a smartstate¬†analysis you will see the following in you evm log files. [—-] I, [2018-03-11T16:12:10.941498 #3004:4f7130] INFO — : MIQ(ManageIQ::Providers::Amazon::CloudManager::Vm#raw_scan) NAME [Scan from Vm vmtosmartstate] SCAN [nil] [NilClass] [—-] I, [2018-03-11T16:12:11.068516 #3004:4f7130] INFO — : Job… Read More »CloudForms in AWS part 3

CloudForms in AWS part 2

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This part of the CloudForms in AWS blog series will walk you through how to make sure that CloudForms reaches its full potential in AWS. IMPORTANT: If you want SmartState analysis to work you need to register your AWS account with the cloud access program. Use the link below to enable cloud access: Once… Read More »CloudForms in AWS part 2