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CloudForms sample provisioning, metrics collection and events workflows

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Recently I had a customer asking about how our solutions suite works and what we can do with it. RedHat for me is one of the only companies in the world who can pretty much deliver the full stack from infrastructure up to application and back. With RHEL OSP8 we even include OpenDaylight which means we now cover the network as well. So where does CloudForms fit in and how does it integrate with the rest of the suite like Satellite6, Ansible, OpenShift, OpenStack, RHEV, VMWare, SCVMM, Aamazon Ec2, Azure?

The next 3 diagrams walk you through a sample provisioning workflow on how CloudForms interacts with the different components, as well as a high level overview of metrics collection and the events mechanism.

Sample Provisioning Workflow
General Provisoining workflow

Metrics Collection High Level Diagram
metrics highlevel workflow

Events Collection High Level Diagram
events workflow