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Red Hat Summit San Francisco 2016 here we come

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This June 26-28, 2016 Mike Dahlgren and I will speak at Red Hat summit in San Francisco. The topic is:

Automation and configuration management across hybrid clouds with CloudForms, Satellite6 and Ansible Tower

Have you ever wondered what you need to be able to automate and orchestrate you data centers as well as cloud environments? Did you start your configuration management and orchestration projects and you realized you were thinking to small and underestimated the effort for cultural change in the company? This talk will take you on a journey of how you need to think and what tools Red Hat is providing to build a successful automation suite with CloudForms, Satellite6 and Ansible Tower. The talk will showcase examples and integration’s between CloudForms, Satellite6 and Ansible Tower and will give you advice on how to motivate your dev and ops teams to work together and change mindsets.