CloudForms smart state analysis preparation for VSphere 6.0

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In the past we used the VMware-vix-disklib-5.5.2-1890828.x86_64.tar.gz for VSphere 5.5 which was pretty easy to install. VMWare included a script called which did all the work for you. In 6.0 the script is gone.

Attached find the steps to get it working with CloudForms 4 and VSphere 6.
You can find the VDDK 6.0 here:

1 Copy the downloaded file VMware-vix-disklib-6.0.0-2498720.x86_64.tar.gz to /tmp on the appliance.
2. Untar the VMware-vix-disklib-6.0.0-2498720.x86_64.tar.gz

[root@miq ~] tar -xzvf VMware-vix-disklib-6.0.0-2498720.x86_64.tar.gz

3. Create the directory /usr/lib/vmware-vix-disklib

[root@miq ~] mkdir -p /usr/lib/vmware-vix-disklib

4. Move the following directories and their contents into /usr/lib/vmware-vix-disklib:
bin64, include, lib64

[root@miq ~] mv /tmp/vmware-vix-disklib-distrib/bin64 /usr/lib/vmware-vix-disklib/
[root@miq ~] mv /tmp/vmware-vix-disklib-distrib/lib64 /usr/lib/vmware-vix-disklib/
[root@miq ~] mv /tmp/vmware-vix-disklib-distrib/include /usr/lib/vmware-vix-disklib/

5. Create symlinks to the libvixdiskLib so that introspection will work.

[root@miq ~] ln -s /usr/lib/vmware-vix-disklib/lib64/ /usr/lib/
[root@miq ~] ln -s /usr/lib/vmware-vix-disklib/lib64/ /usr/lib/

6. Load the libs

[root@miq ~] ldconfig
[root@miq ~] ldconfig -p | grep vix
[root@miq ~] reboot

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