OpenShift 4 Developer Preview

OCP 4.0 is not out yet but you have the chance to get your hands dirty by going to the following URL Log in with your redhat account and you should be good to go. You will notice that we are using a new installer called openshift-installer. The installer uses terraform to build the Read more about OpenShift 4 Developer Preview[…]

CloudForms in AWS part 3

This will be the last part of the blog series but probably the most interesting one. When you launch a smartstate analysis you will see the following in you evm log files.

There are a few interesting parts here. What is the AgentCoordinator? The code can be found here: /opt/rh/cfme-gemset/bundler/gems/manageiq-providers-amazon-9620e26f4381/app/models/manageiq/providers/amazon/agent_coordinator.rb . Its out of scope Read more about CloudForms in AWS part 3[…]

CloudForms in AWS part 2

This part of the CloudForms in AWS blog series will walk you through how to make sure that CloudForms reaches its full potential in AWS. IMPORTANT: If you want SmartState analysis to work you need to register your AWS account with the cloud access program. Use the link below to enable cloud access: Once Read more about CloudForms in AWS part 2[…]

AWS Multi – AZ Ansible Tower Cluster backed by RDS and fronted by ALB

Ever wondered how you could run ansible tower in clustered mode across multiple AZ in AWS?  This post will describe how you can build the following architecture:   First, build 3 ec2 instances each in a different AZ’s. You should be more than ok with t2.large instance sizes. The subnets in the VPC can be private. Read more about AWS Multi – AZ Ansible Tower Cluster backed by RDS and fronted by ALB[…]

CloudForms AWS IAM policies

To enable Cloudforms to connect to the AWS provider you need to following policies: AmazonEC2FullAccess AWSConfigUserAccess IAMReadOnlyAccess IAMUserSSHKeys AWSCloudFormationReadOnlyAccess As well as two custom policies CFMESNS


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