awx ansible on rhel

  • laurent 

As you probably read we did opensource ansible tower . This was a big and necessary step to follow the red hat way of being truly opensource. Thanks to Jeff Geerling we also have a role to install awx.

To install AWX on RHEL (remember this is not supported by GSS) you need to do the following:

Step1: register your host with Red Hat

Step2: now add the needed channels

Step3: enable the repos extras and optional

Step4: to be able to run the build correctly you will have to do the following

Step 5: add the following file. Without that you build will fail complaining that you cannot connect to github

Step 6: install ansible

Step 7: install all the necessary roles

Step 8: install the roles:

Step 9: create the inventory add your host

Step 10: create the play to install awx

Step 11: run the playbook

Step 12: If the install is successful you will see the following

Step 13: It will take a while until the instance comes up. You can check it like this

Step 14: Login to tower via http://yourip (username is admin, pass is password)

Step 15: Once logged in you should see



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