Red Hat Summit 2017 Button Push Deployments With Integrated Red Hat Open Management DEMO

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So here we are again. In less then a week I will be speaking again at Red Hat Summit. Last year I showed how you can deploy multi-tier multi-host applications across AWS, GCP, Azure and RHV with CloudForms, Satellite6 and Ansible Tower.

A year went by but requests from customers wanting to testdrive the power of Integrated Red Hat Management is still here. I am still amazed and excited that we can pretty much rule the world by combining Ansible Tower, CloudForms, Satellite 6 and Insights. The majority of my customers today run workloads in AWS and requested that the Red Hat Management components should be available via a single button push!

Building the Red Hat Management components and integrating them usually requires a fair amount of time and a lot of knowledge around Ansible Tower, CloudForms, Satellite 6 and Insights. So having this built and integrated with a single button push is kind of crazy but not impossible. I like challenges so for this Red Hat Summit I made it my task to deliver on that request.

This video shows how you can build the entire Red Hat Management portfolio integrated with a single button push! On Tuesday May 2nd 2017 4.45 PM EST Room 157C we will discuss what it took to build this and show (by Maxim Burgerhout) what’s possible once the environment is up and running.

The GitHub repository with the code can be found here:
Red Hat Management Demo Github

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