Ansible for Juniper EX2200-c

  • laurent 

In my home lab I have 4 Juniper in a virtual chassis. I currently use fedora 24 as my host system so I had to install some binaries and fix some code before I got this running. First you have to install the latest stable ansible version.

Then you need junos-eznc. For fedora run the following command

Once I’ve installed the so called pre req I run the following ansible playbook.

After ansible run I got the following error message:

Next step was to install jxmlease

After that I run the playbook again and ran into another hurdle.

A quick google search for “msg: CTR mode needs counter parameter, not IV)” revealed that the file /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/paramiko/ needs patching as the value of IV should be an empty string for this to work. So on line 1649 patch the following:

After that I was successful in running the playbook.

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