OpenShift 3.4 Standalone Registry (Atomic Registry)

  • laurent 

I realized today that the current OpenShift 3.4 documentation around installing the standalone registry is missing an important parameter. Here is the link to the bug openshift_master_default_subdomain missing . Its a small error but has some impact as the route registry-console-default.yourdomain will not be exposed externally.

Remember the standalone OpenShift registry is a full OpenShift installation thus it will need a DNS wildcard entry pointing to it for the subdomain defined in openshift_master_default_subdomain.

I used the following ansible hosts file to install the registry

If you followed the redhat documentation around requirements you should be good to go. You can know run the

Once the install is done you can check with oc get routes if your route was created correctly

You can know browse to and you should see the following UI (if you did not configure any users yet you will not be able to login!)

If you chose htpasswd_auth create a user with htpasswd /etc/origin/master/htpasswd admin and login. Once logged in you will see the atomic registry.

Then you can create a project and upload an image and you should see something like this

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