Red Hat OpenStack Platform 7 director (OSP director) cli simple install part 2

Part 2 of the blog series will show you how you can register the nodes to your OSP director via command line create flavors and deploy a simple non HA OpenStack environment.

1. To register the blades I created the following json file. Please keep in mind that if you use hp blades with ilo2 you will have to use the default pxe_ipmitool. The MAC address you see in the json is the mac address from the interface you would like to boot from.

2. Import the node definitions into OSP director

3. Assign the kernel and ramdisk to all nodes defined in the blades.json file

4. Check if everything got imported correctly


5. Lets inspect the nodes. IPMI will start the nodes and boot them into discovery mode.

Booting into discovery

Discovered hosts

6. Create the flavor for the test scenario (we only create one flavor for all hosts)

7. Set the boot mode for the flavors to local

8. Now we are ready to deploy.

9. Look at the progress

10. During the install you will see the following screen if you look at the ilo


11. If you would like to login to your overcloud instances you have to source the overcloud.rc file which you find in stacks home directory.

2 thoughts on “Red Hat OpenStack Platform 7 director (OSP director) cli simple install part 2”

  1. After the introspection, the Power State on all the nodes seems to be “None”. Will it cause any issues. I am building a 3 node controller HA and 5 compute nodes.? Also, Can you clarify, how to add further compute nodes? Does that time we need the Director node? bcoz I planned to power it off, once the overcloud is deployed.

    Looking for a suggestion ..


  2. Also, how about Network Separation.? Can you pls share something on that too..? for controller and compute on the overcloud.


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