DNS Master / SLAVE TSIG on RHEL 5.8

I am using 2 dns server here. (Master) and (Slave)

First lets setup the Master

1. Create /etc/named.conf as RHEL 5.8 does not provide a sample file. Then add the following content to it

2. Create the zone files. Lets begin with the reverse zone in /var/named/2.168.192.in-addr.arpa.zone

3. Add forward zone local.domb.com.zone

4. Add iptables

5. Create the TSIG key

6. Create the transfer.key file. Cat the file and add its content to the transfer.key file

7. This how the transfer key file should look like. After you added the keyfile transfer it to the slave host.

8. Login to the slave add add the named.conf

9. Now create the zone files for the slave. Lets start with the reverse zone file in /var/namend/slaves/

10. Add the foreward Zone

11. Restart both dns server and do an rndc reload on the master. Look at /var/log/messages on the client. You should see something like

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