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We run a quite early version of puppet-dashboard (version 1.1.0).  In the dashboard I have the possibility to delete nodes, create nodes, create classes and groups… As a system engineer I want to be able to do the tasks on the command line. So I researched a little and found that if you “cd” into the /usr/share/puppet-dashboard/ and execute:

#rake -T

you get a list of possible commands:

(in /usr/share/puppet-dashboard)
rake cert:create_key_pair              # Create a public/private key pair for communication with the Puppet Master
rake cert:request                              # Submit a certificate request to the Puppet Master
rake cert:retrieve                             # Retrieve a certificate from the Puppet Master

Wow nice! Then I search for rake node:delete or rake node:del. Surprisingly not implemented in v1.1.0. But I was quite sure that in the newer version its implemented. Github Url: https://github.com/saj/puppet-dashboard/commit/090538f99c743be2ed489a7c725600fdc30635d6 gave me the answer. Thank you saj for that fix.


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