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Bitdefender 2012 free for Linux Mint 12

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Today I was searching anti virus software for Linux and I came across Bitdefender. Surprisingly Bitdefender gives away free licenses for home use. Here are the steps to install Bitdefender on Mint 12:

1. Go to their website and download the file

2. Set the correct permission for

# chmod +x

3. Then install the dependencies:

#apt-get install ia32-libs libstdc++6:i386 (4.6.1-9ubuntu3, automatic), gcc-4.6-base:i386 libgcc1:i386 libc6:i386

4. There are a lot more dependencies we’ll have to install. Here a Trick how we’ll get them. We launch the Bitdefender setup script:

#sudo sh ./

5. Write accept and ‘Y” yes for gui installation. The installation will fail! But thats ok (We know what we are doing)  🙂

6. Now we have to fix our dependency problem. Because apt is a fabulous package manager we can execute

# apt-get -f -y install

Which will install all the needed packages.

7. Now we can execute the install script again

#sudo sh ./

8. After installing Bitdefender you can launch it form the gnome gui or form the commandline by executing


9. You will have a license for 30 days. But if you look at the registration information you’ll find “get a free personal key”! Click on it, fill out the form and get 365 days of antivir protection