DNS Master / SLAVE TSIG on RHEL 5.8

I am using 2 dns server here. (Master) and (Slave) First lets setup the Master 1. Create /etc/named.conf as RHEL 5.8 does not provide a sample file. Then add the following content to it

2. Create the zone files. Lets begin with the reverse zone in /var/named/2.168.192.in-addr.arpa.zone

3. Add forward zone Read more about DNS Master / SLAVE TSIG on RHEL 5.8[…]

Kerberos on Centos 5.9 RHCSS

First make sure that your time is in sync. So install and configure ntp first. 1. Here is a very basic ntp.conf

2. Install the ypserv nis package

3. Add these 2 values to /etc/sysconfig/network

Set the NIS domain on the KDC server and add it to /etc/yp.conf:

4. As nis Read more about Kerberos on Centos 5.9 RHCSS[…]

Foreman and mcollective with puppet enterprise / puppet

I’ve been working for a nice project the last month. Implementing puppet Enterprise and puppet with the foreman. Why would someone want to use puppet enterpriseĀ  and puppet with foreman? Well that’s a good question šŸ™‚ Foreman is very versatile with its smart proxy functionality.Ā  This is very important if you have a complex network Read more about Foreman and mcollective with puppet enterprise / puppet[…]

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