Juniper SRX 220 default config with dynamic dns

  • laurent 

I treated myself with a juniper srx220 and an ex4200 for my homelab. I was googleing but couldn’t really find anyone who wrote how to configure the srx 220 after a factory reset via cli as an internet gateway. Here is my config for JUNOS 12.1X44-D45.2 after the factory reset.

1. login into your srx via serial cable (the username is root without a password)

2. go into cli mode

3. go into edit mode

4. Now we can begin with the General config. First lets set the root password

5. Next set the host name, name server and ntp for the router

6. Create an admin user

8. We do not need to create a vlan as the factory default created the mgmt vlan vlan.0 for us with tag id 3. But ping on the ge-0/0/0.0 interface was not enabled so I will enable that.

9. Lets check if we got a dhcp address from the cable modem

10. Lets modify the default dhcp scope as its set from .2-254.

11. The default route was not set in my case so I set it

12. We do not need to configure anything else as the dhcp settings are already propagated.

13. You should now be able to see dhcp clients if you provided them a lease.

14. For dynamic dns with add the following config

15. Check if it worked

18. To be able to refer to the destination host we need to create an address book entry

17. I also want to be able to forward all incoming traffic from ge-0/0/0.0 port 2222 to my internal ip port 22. Create the dst nat pool

18. Edit the nat destination address and port.

19. Then set the rule set on the interface and make sure you add drop-untranslated prevents you from forwarding unwanted ports
and addresses.

20. Make sure you didn’t do a mistake and do a simulate commit

21. Commit your change

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